My 1989 Toyota Supra Turbo Vitals Page
by C. Jensen

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The Original Window Sticker
Click to see the original window sticker of my 1989 Turbo Supra - Large

Yes, the VIN is removed for security purposes. Some other interesting things I've noted would be that the sticker says I have the "Leather/Power Seat" option. While I do have leather, the only power I have in my seat is the standard power side bolsters and lumbar support. Thus, this is a seemingly unique option which has made more than a few group members a little envious since I've managed to avoid a weight penalty for an option that, once set, never gets touched anyway. Other than that, everything else seems pretty normal for a Turbo Supra.

Toyota Manufacturing Data (from VIN, Data Tag, research, etc.)
Supra Dreamin' Supra Factory
Gathered Manfacturing Data (so far):

Model Code: MA70L-BLMVZA - Supra, 7M-GTE, left hand drive
Paint Code: 3E5 - "Super Red" in US / "Lucifer" in Australia
Trim Code: LD12 - Gray Leather Interior
Axle Code: G305 - 8" ring gear, 3.727 ratio, 4 pinions w/LSD
Transmission Code: R154 - 5-speed manual turbo transmission

Serial Number: #167
Production Date: February 1st, 1989
Delivery Date: October 2nd, 1989

Main Assy Plant: Tahara
Engine Assy Plant: Kamigo
Transmission Assy Plant: Kinu-ura
(plant info is a bit sketchy)

Supra R&D Location: Higashi-Fuji Technical Center
(Mishuku, Susono City, Shizuoka)

Performance Testing: Shibetsu Proving Ground
(Onnebetsu, Shibetsu City, Hokkaido)
(Unless noted, all locations are in Aichi Prefecture, Japan)

Click for a blowup of Want Ad Press cutout Click for a blowup of Want Ad Press Toyota page

The For-Sale Advertisement I Bought the Car From

Yes, this is the original clipping from the weekly NJ Want Ad Automotive Press that was the start of my dream of MkIII Turbo ownership. I had been searching for over a year (while I had the '84) for the perfect car with which to build upon and keep for a long, long time.

I knew I wanted an 89, 5-sp, turbo motor, ABS, no targa (due to leaking and structural rigidity considerations) and lastly, I wanted it red. Since the '84 was red, I knew that the color stood up well to dirt and scratches. Plus, it's universally the color for a true sports car. I didn't want the leather interior really (maintenance), but the fact that it had the rest of it's 60k extended bumper-to-bumper transferrable warranty on it really sold me and I was done looking. I grabbed my check book, drove up to northern NJ and after very little haggling (since it was in mint condition) we struck a deal for a little less than the listed price.

It would be only a little over a year from this point that I would join SOGI and become one of its founding members...

The Kelley's Blue Book Page I Referenced Before Buying
Click to see the Kelley's Blue Book Page I Referenced Before Buying the Supra - Large

Yes, amazingly enough, I even kept this photocopy of the Kelley Blue Book New/Used Car Buying Guide, that practically everyone used then to price a car. Because it's a photocopy is why the image is a little on the fuzzy side. Nowadays, the internet lets you access both Kelley's and Edmunds online, but back then the Internet was far less powerful and widespread. Colleges were just getting online and many businesses didn't even have external email yet. How far we've come... :-)

On the blown up version of this scan, I digitally circled my reference...

Differential Information
Click to see the TRD differential decoder chart - Large
Quick Breakdown:

Ring Gear Diameter: 8"
Gear Ratio: 3.727:1
Number of Pinion Gears: 4
Limited Slip: Yes

Chassis ID: MA71 (70=N/A; 71=Turbo)
Engine Series: 7MGT

(A link to this graphic also exists on the mods page)

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