(7-19-97) Mt. St. Helens PacNW Fun Run

July 19th, 1997 PacNW
Mt. St. Helens Fun Run

(Run in 800x600/32-bit color/Maximized Screen)

Having some Supra Fun in the Northwest Sun

This is just a brief little page showing some of the fun we had zipping around Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. With low humidity, highs in the mid 80s and crystal clear skies, it was a perfect day for an PacNW Fun Run...
Mt. St. Helens from Spirit Lake

(Click on any of the pictures below for an enlarged view)

This page consists of some scans I made of a small selection of pictures taken by Chris Eng, one of our PacNW Seattle Members as well as a few pictures I took with a digital camera while heading home down the mountain. If I can ever get my hands on a slide scanner, I'll add some of my pics, but until then, this is the best I could do...

The Fun Run attendees who enjoyed a Saturday in the sun together consisted of:

Chris E1985 MkIIRed Stuart M1989 MkIII TurboWhite
Dean B1987 MkIII TurboSilver Blue Bob J1990 MkIII TurboGray
Keith H1989 MkIII TurboWhite Dane M1991 MkIII TurboWhite
Chris J
1989 MkIII TurboRed Scott D1991 MkIII TurboWhite

I should note that my own car isn't pictured here since I was finishing up some mods at home, so I hitched a ride in with Dane. Worked out well for the pictures anyway :-)

Chris Eng's Pictures

Click to see us in the first parking lot - Large Here we are gabbing about our favorite subject... the car :-). Keith and I showed here that we're always ready for the camera... :-)...
Here's the lineup of cars at that first parking lot... a beautiful sight to behold in one place... Click to see the parking lot lineup - Large
Click to see parking lot lineup from the rear - Large Here's the lineup from the rear... You can see Me, Keith and Dane approaching from the right. You can also notice the Eibach/Tokico setup on Dane's car (White '91T w/ the OE 5-spokes) making his setup slightly lower than everyone else's.
The group is still hanging out and soaking up the beautiful, sunny Northwest day in the mountains... You can again see the lowering of Dane's suspension, especially the tire to wheel well clearances being nice looking and without the unsightly gap common on most cars today... Click to see the group and cars sunbathing - Large
Click to see the next pull off - Large The next stop involved a meeting to discuss where we were going to head next and the plans for the rest of the day. Dane took the opportunity to fix his undercover which had managed to come undone on the way down to the park.
A great shot of Mt. St. Helens from the Visitor's Center at Johnston Ridge... Click to see Mt. St. Helens shot - Large

My Pictures

Click to see leaving MSH #1 - BIG This is a shot as we got stuck behind someone in a red Ford Contour who was just a plain slug. Luckily, they moved over in the next passing zone...
Here we are still stuck behind the Contour. You can still see the remnants of the blast zone. Literally millions of trees simply thrown over where ever the shock wave of energy and pyroclastic flows touched... One neat thing you can see in this picture (better in the blowup) is the heat coming off the right-rear brakes on the Supra in front of us. Shows how much hell you put the brakes through in spirited mountain driving... Click to see leaving MSH #2 - BIG
Click to see leaving MSH #3 - BIG This is my favorite picture from the meet. You couldn't beat the clarity of the mountain today. Unfortunately, Keith (the lead car in the other pics), had just hit the boost and moved out of frame. In the fraction of a second I had to crop and take these, I made the decision to keep the mountain and lose Keith (sorry bud). You can clearly see the North face of the mountain which blew away during the blast of May, 1980 when a force equivalent to a few thousand Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs went off instantaneously...
Finally, in case you were growing tired of right hand turns, here's a clear shot of a lefter on the way down :-)... Click to see leaving MSH #4 - BIG

The reason you don't see Chris E, Dean B or Bob J in the digicam pics is because Chris, with his MkII, decided to stay up at the Johnston Ridge Observatory and hang around a while before taking off and Dean and Bob took off a little early since they had to get back...

More pictures may or may not be added to this page. It depends on if I can get some of my slides scanned. I'd say probably not due to the fact that many other events are in the works and the time will never be there, but you never know...

PacNW Supras

Created: 7/20/97 by C. Jensen
Last Updated: 8/06/98

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