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In an attempt to best represent the effort I put into keeping the quality of everything I do first rate, I decided to offer my updated résumé on-line using the Adobe PDF format. Converting everything over to HTML (as I did in preview versions) created more problems to deal with since HTML doesn't offer even a fraction of the formatting power of PDF. I originally did it in HTML since the Adobe Postscript viewers weren't as common as they are today. But, now, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is part of the plug-in package supplied with nearly all web browsers. Also, the quality vs. filesize ratio is excellent and PDF files are a cross-platform format.

Since I consider myself somewhat of a jack of all trades, having interests in various fields, I've created two distinct résumés for employers to review. One which addresses my mechanical (ME) aptitudes and the other which addresses my computer science (CS)/information technology (IT) aptitudes. Each one is in its own separate area below.

Due to the fact that this now puts all my information in a position that everyone can read it who has a desire to, I've created this more secure version of my résumé with certain omissions. For example, the address and phone numbers are removed. I also inserted a small watermark graphic up top to signify this being the web version and that there is a complete version for prospective employers to view.

On a positive note, I've made this résumé interactive. You can click on many locations throughout it and go to websites for the various institutions, companies, etc. Also, clicking on the email addresses above should open up your registered mail program for quick and easy e-mailing to me.

Employers: To view the PDF version of my résumé, click on the icon below:

Mechanical (ME-based) Résumé
Computer (CS/IT-based) Résumé
Click to grab the PDF version of my ME-based résumé
(PDF: 18.8kb / 2 pages)
Click to grab the PDF version of my CS-based résumé
(PDF: 19.4kb / 2 pages)
On the off-chance that you don't have the plug-in for the Acrobat Reader, here's the link to Adobe to get the latest one:

Click to go to Adobe and get the Reader

And lastly, for those who can't receive the document in the maximum image quality via the above method for some reason, I've also decided to offer the security edited version of the document in a read-only password protected MicroSoft Word format. Just load it up and select the read-only option to view it. Once you change it, it's digitally marked and useless. Since not everyone has upgraded to Word97/8.0, I've also offered the file in both Word97/8.0 and Word 6.0/7.0/95 Formats. I've corrected the formatting on both to be as close to optimal as I could get it:

Mechanical (ME-based) Résumé
Computer (CS/IT-based) Résumé
Click to grab the secure Word97/8.0 version of my ME-based résumé
(Word 8.0 doc: 30.5kb / 2 pages)
Click to grab the secure Word95/6.0 version of my CS-based résumé
(Word 8.0 doc: 32.0kb / 2 pages)
Click to grab the secure Word97/8.0 version of my ME-based résumé
(Word 6.0/95 doc: 18.0kb / 2 pages)
Click to grab the secure Word95/6.0 version of my CS-based résumé
(Word 6.0/95 doc: 19.0kb / 2 pages)
Employers note: If you would like to receive the complete, unrevised version of my résumé, then email me at either of the noted addresses (preferably at work) and I'll promptly get back to you. I also have the ability to convert and send you the résumé in any MS-Word version, whether it's Windows, Macintosh, RTF, PDF or even fax. Whatever is easiest for you.

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